New Student Enrollment

We make learning about the school and enrolling very easy.

Come see for yourself!

Make an appointment to take a tour. Meet the staff and see the school in person.

You can ask as many questions as necessary, and we will work to provide all the information you need to make a great decision for your family.

You can also find lots of important information in our student handbook.

Simple steps

Once you’ve made a decision to join the school, you fill out the simple online registration form. Click the following button and use the access code “SJCA2425.”


We offer affordable student tuition. All families are welcome, but active Catholic families receive a special discount. We also offer discounts for enrolling multiple children.


At our private school, we want to meet you where you’re at financially. So, we offer scholarships to make St. Joseph Catholic Academy affordable for all families. We also have lots of families with multiple students each, so we make it affordable for those larger families.

All you need to do is fill out a simple scholarship request. The scholarship committee will review your applicants.


We also ask parents to support their school by volunteering. You can even offset your tuition by volunteering. The school is a partnership and a family. We all support each other to create a great community focused on education, faith, and family.