St. Joseph Preschool in Springfield MO

St. Joseph Catholic Academy in Springfield, Missouri, offers preschool starting at age 3. We simply ask that all students are potted trained.

Looking for the best preschool in Springfield MO?

At St. Joseph Catholic Academy, we offer a unique preschool program that incorporates faith, culture, and fun with academic success. See why St. Joseph is a great choice for your little one.

Start learning Spanish at age 3!

We offer a special “Spanish immersion” preschool. There are two teachers in the classroom – one teacher is a fluent Spanish speaker and the other is a licensed preschool teacher. So your little one will learn Spanish alongside English.

Our goal is to have students fluent in Spanish by the time they complete 8th grade.

Have fun learning through play

Your child will learn all four core subjects – math, science, social studies, and language arts. But preschool-aged children learn best through play, so we incorporate fun throughout the day. And since our preschool is so fun, students look forward to spending time with their new friends each day.

A preschool that adapts to your child’s needs

Since we have a wide age range in preschool, three to five years old, some children will take naps and some don’t need naps. Therefore, we offer a “rest and read” time each day. Children who are sleepy can rest while others can enjoy some quiet time with their favorite book.

Encouraging faith and morals

Your preschooler will gain access to a dedicated religion class at St. Joseph Catholic Academy. They will learn all about the Gospel and how it has been lived out in the lives of the saints.

We also incorporate our faith into all the subjects we teach. For example, in art class, the children are creating sacred art while learning a particular art technique (drawing, painting, etc.). Instead of drawing a random collection of items for a still-life painting, they use religious subject matter. We try to incorporate our faith into every possible topic.

Students go to Mass (church service), next door at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, twice a week – once with their class and once with the entire school. The students also have the opportunity to help during Mass as greeters, musicians, lectors, and altar servers. This gives them an opportunity to take ownership of their faith and grow as leaders.

We have wonderful opportunities for children to interact with those who dedicate their lives to spreading the Good News. Catholic sisters work within the school, and priests often visit the children. This is such an inspiring environment for the development of these young hearts. Our goal is to evangelize and raise saints.

We know it can sometimes feel lonely being a Catholic in southwest Missouri. That’s why we also coordinate with other Catholic schools for activities like field trips, so they can interact with even more Catholic children.

Special Events

Your child will build lots of great memories at St. Joseph Catholic Academy through special events such as:

  • Monthly assemblies
  • School plays and musicals
  • Daddy-daughter dances
  • Mother-son days
  • Pet blessings
  • Veterans Day programs
  • And much more!

Afterschool Care

We provide in-house afterschool care for working parents. This is a great time for students to complete homework, spend time with friends, and participate in exciting STEM projects.

More great reasons to choose St. Joseph Catholic Academy in Springfield, Missouri

  • Your child will bond with the same peers from preschool through 8th grade.
  • Your child will thrive within a small student-to-teacher ratio.
  • Your child will enjoy challenging academic standards.
  • Your child will access up-to-date curriculum and technology.
  • Your child will benefit from a very diverse population within the student body and staff.
  • Your child will learn to be a future leader.
  • Your child will grow in faith in a Christ-centered environment.
  • You can trust our fully accreditated school & teachers.
  • You’ll enjoy our great location, in the center of the city, right off Chestnut Expressway.
  • We offer a 4-day school week, Tuesdays through Fridays, with optional childcare on Mondays.